Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heres some Prep for your Step!

Plaid Skort: Nastygal/ Sweater: H&M /White top: Forever21

Hi there! being that I've never really uploaded any pictures of myself on this thing, I thought  Id take the time to finally do just that! If for some odd reason you have been reading through my rants of randomness, I send you a great big whole hearted hug my dear new friend. You can be anywhere else in this cyber world but you are here with me; and that means allot!  Everything I share within this little floating scrollable box is a reflection of myself, my passions, inspirations, pretty much all those little things that make my heart and brain go haywire. Originally I decided to "document" my thoughts in this not so private diary as a means to capture my growth, to interact (with myself mostly), but most importantly to share and give. I want to be able to inspire you, the way my friends and family inspire me. I want you to know you are great, because you are! And lastly I want you know that all things are possible, so there will be no self doubting here! Lets learn, lets grow, lets play dress-up, lets go crazy over shoes, clothes, art, and music, lets travel to far away places. Let get inspired. Lets get funky!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bruno Mars- as Funky as can be

What better way  to ignite my productivity and inspire a post (since last year!!) than listening to Bruno Mars' highly contagious and soul reviving  song, "Uptown Funk." The Intro simply does it for me...and then it just builds up to sheer perfection with the guitar, the percussion, and his voice! (OH MY GOSH his voice!!!) Okay...get a handle of yourself Roxy!!!!* quickly fanning self and adjusting ones attire*
In any case  as an 80's baby I'm sure you will agree. We all grew up impersonating and listening to megastar legends like Michael Jackson, Rick James, James Brown, The Commodores, Ray Parker, Zapp and Roger, and Prince! If you ask me that's a super talented and funky bunch of people, and Im gonna go ahead and say it... but Bruno Mars might have just added himself to that list. Its only a select few that give me this feeling of euphoria (Michael Jackson, James Brown being at the  top of my list) and up until recently Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars. Don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated Bruno's music and his obvious talent, but this...THIS just did it for me. There's no return for me now, I FEEL SO ALIVE! I'm dancing around like that kid  in the garage all over again. And if this song wasn't enough, Bruno Mars and the Hooligans outdid themselves with an equally  funky  video that takes us waaaaaay back!  In my opinion no young artist (current time) can manage to pull this song off better than Bruno Mars himself....Nuff said *DROPS MIC**
watch the video here

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Raquel Allegra-Fall 2013 Video

this video put a smile on my face, excellent composure from  both models and an awesome creative look book  video from Raquel Allegra! I applied to work there a while back but never got a call back... this makes me want to resend that dusty old resume! Maybe this is how my interview with them would've played out?? Its fashion after all, these girls are so feisty! Enjoy, heres hello from me to you *SLAP *XOXO

Janelle Mona'e and Erykah Badu

So lets gather round' people and give praise where needed; to some talented and fiercely stylish females! After all,  if we don't show support and respect for each other then who else will?  Lets start off by giving credit to Ms Erykah Badu; who has been around for quite sometime,  blessing our sound-waves with some of the most killer and hypnotic sounds around (Bag Lady, Next lifetime, and one of my faves Love of my life)  Her eclectic style is  ever changing and without question a style icon in her own right. Which brings me to my next  mention, Ms Janelle Mona'e who in my eyes is the best female representative of the moment (sorry Miley, you don't count). Janelle Mona'e keeps it classic and always elegant with a touch of funk and a face and voice that melts butter (yes, its that smooth ladies and gents), her style is timeless and always on point! So please take the time and admire some of my favorite looks from both ladies, as well as the official music video for QUEEN (which is so beautifully styled and shot) Final point being,  Erykah Badu+Janelle Mona'e= BEST Collaboration EVERRR!!! So go on, Just hit the play button to get  your daily injection of funk.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Throwback Fashion Film- Markus Lupfer

"Since the beginning of time" designers have been showcasing their lines through numerous outlets (don't I sound so intellectual) first, through those glossy pages in the magazines, runway shows, and now in this time and  age their fashion is reaching us in a finger snap(thanks to the internet)  fashion films have now become a must in order for designers and brands to showcase their new lines! And though this is not breaking news, I figure I'd reminisce about how advanced our society has become... *pondering with fingers to chin*  Though this film is not so new, I do appreciate the creativity of this film, especially since allot of the fashion films we see now-a-days have the backround music and a model moving ever so gracefully while "shmizing" (smiling through her eyes) at the camera. Its really is nice to finally hear a model speak and move around in real time, I also appreciate the fact that Mr Markus Lupfer used regular gals to showcase his clothes...This is such a cute video and I completely love it! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Innovative and fun furniture

So while I am still working on moving out of the house I am sharing with my roommates (a.k.a parents.) I am creating a wish list of all the wonderful and innovative things I wish would occupy my "invisible not-yet purchased home". The little "interior designer" within me finds a certain euphoria in finding that special piece that just connects with every bone and nerve in my body. Trust me its a  challenge in decorating a space when  you live with people who think that the light switch cover with the little 3D Nemo fish looks attractive in a living room that doesn't house any children or even have an "ocean" theme for that matter! (sorry mom). Perhaps my taste in comparison is no improvement to the mismatch catastrophe I currently reside in,  but it certainly is a bit more interesting don't you think? I've grown up with the plastic covered couches, and the really bad over-sized leather sofa you stick to during the summer, the giant "flat" screen TV from the late 90's (that weren't so flat) and believe me... I DON'T WANNA GO BACK! 

Whew! Now that I got that off my chest...Your living space should exude everything you are and everything that inspires you, and with stuff this wacky and fun, I think it be hard not to be zapped with creativity! True; some of this stuff is a little too much... but just  imagine coming home full of this stuff!? Every moment would have to be a photo shoot! And entertaining your friends would be a breeze, especially since every object in that room would be a conversation starter! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Nasty Gal is a Smart Gal!

For those of you looking for the secret answers to becoming a successful  individual click here . Okay wait...false advertisement!!! So It might not be the only thing you need in order to becoming that successful individual or entrepreneur you dream of, but it certainly is a step in the right direction (hint: its a great article), especially in giving your spirit some surge! (we need that every once in a while, or else I feel we become conformist.) In going through the slide show (which consisted of celebrities, producers and entrepreneurs)  The only interview that completely captivated my attention was that of Sophia Amoruso, which then prompted me to Google the heck out of her name! I had heard her story and mostly rumors about  her company and her beginnings, but it wasn't until I really researched her that just left me inspired. (yes that seems to be a reoccurring theme with me..the being inspired part.) 
In my personal experience, I always seem to start something and never finish (usually with my personal goals, never work related of course!) my "patience" has allot to do with that too, I work fast, so I expect fast results (something I also need to work on...) I also tend to overbook myself with so many activities that I tend to loose sight of things and I really need to focus in on this as well...but enough about my insecurities, fears and self doubt!!  If I learned anything at all from this it would be that,
"all great things have small beginnings" -said by someone I'll need to Google later...
As a human-being going through the daily struggle of life, and self discovery, I  still believe that we can all achieve success (whatever that may be) and we will  all have our moment  to achieve our dreams when the time is right! So for those of you who find this whole success thing to be an "easy" fete, kudos to you and please keep becoming those individuals we aspire to be! But for all you  late-bloomers out there, who are still trying to figure this thing out (myself included)... don't lose sight of your dreams! Lets do this!
 (I feel as if I should give you a high-five and bust out in song now...waiting for my cue...wait..I missed never-mind) Nonetheless... I'm Hyped! (muscle flex)

Friday, March 15, 2013

When pigs fly...or float

 Image courtesy of Sina Weibo user Dashixiong.
An interesting rendition of the movie poster regarding the dead pigs incident in China, you can read  article here.

Lets have fun with fashion!

 Looking through and all those awesome pics Tommy Ton manages to capture from all those shows always leaves me feeling inspired! All the fun colors, bloggers, shoes, bags, hats, and attitude! *gasping for air* Cant it be fashion week everyday, and everywhere!!?!  Wouldn't it be so pretty to see our sidewalks to turn into catwalks where one doesn't need a special occasion to dress their best?? Yes, yes you've caught a glimpse of  the day-dreamer within me, which brings me to the whole purpose of this post. Anna Dello Russo. The woman with the many looks, the woman who NEVER wears the same thing twice! (not that there's a problem with that, I myself am a repeat offender.)  If you don't know who she is or haven't yet Google'd  her name, she is the "editor-at-large"and creative consultant  for Vogue Japan and she just so happens to be photographed wearing some of the coolest looks during fashion week and probably every other regular day! No matter how off the wall and ridiculous some of her looks may be, at the end of the day its ridiculously FUN! And whoever said fashion had to be so serious?!   Well, enough of my jibber are worth a thousand words, prepare to be inspired! 
Some of my favorite Anna Dello Russo looks<3

Yet another inspiring quote from one of the smartest men of our time...Lets be imaginative people!