Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heres some Prep for your Step!

Plaid Skort: Nastygal/ Sweater: H&M /White top: Forever21

Hi there! being that I've never really uploaded any pictures of myself on this thing, I thought  Id take the time to finally do just that! If for some odd reason you have been reading through my rants of randomness, I send you a great big whole hearted hug my dear new friend. You can be anywhere else in this cyber world but you are here with me; and that means allot!  Everything I share within this little floating scrollable box is a reflection of myself, my passions, inspirations, pretty much all those little things that make my heart and brain go haywire. Originally I decided to "document" my thoughts in this not so private diary as a means to capture my growth, to interact (with myself mostly), but most importantly to share and give. I want to be able to inspire you, the way my friends and family inspire me. I want you to know you are great, because you are! And lastly I want you know that all things are possible, so there will be no self doubting here! Lets learn, lets grow, lets play dress-up, lets go crazy over shoes, clothes, art, and music, lets travel to far away places. Let get inspired. Lets get funky!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bruno Mars- as Funky as can be

What better way  to ignite my productivity and inspire a post (since last year!!) than listening to Bruno Mars' highly contagious and soul reviving  song, "Uptown Funk." The Intro simply does it for me...and then it just builds up to sheer perfection with the guitar, the percussion, and his voice! (OH MY GOSH his voice!!!) Okay...get a handle of yourself Roxy!!!!* quickly fanning self and adjusting ones attire*
In any case  as an 80's baby I'm sure you will agree. We all grew up impersonating and listening to megastar legends like Michael Jackson, Rick James, James Brown, The Commodores, Ray Parker, Zapp and Roger, and Prince! If you ask me that's a super talented and funky bunch of people, and Im gonna go ahead and say it... but Bruno Mars might have just added himself to that list. Its only a select few that give me this feeling of euphoria (Michael Jackson, James Brown being at the  top of my list) and up until recently Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars. Don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated Bruno's music and his obvious talent, but this...THIS just did it for me. There's no return for me now, I FEEL SO ALIVE! I'm dancing around like that kid  in the garage all over again. And if this song wasn't enough, Bruno Mars and the Hooligans outdid themselves with an equally  funky  video that takes us waaaaaay back!  In my opinion no young artist (current time) can manage to pull this song off better than Bruno Mars himself....Nuff said *DROPS MIC**
watch the video here